Top tips for keeping your cambridge office clean

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A tidy office clean has been found to increase productivity, lower absenteeism and improve the business image, but keeping on top of day-to-day chores can be an arduous task in a demanding economy.

Hiring a cleaning contractor is the best way to ensure that the office clean is kept in great shape throughout the year, requiring a minimum amount of effort from the employees themselves. But for those businesses wanting to promote cleanliness as a part of office clean routine, or even if you simply want to a do a one-off Spring tidy, here’s a few tips on how to make the workplace look altogether more presentable.


Organisation is key to a office clean, and filling systems and storage solutions should be applied wherever possible. In a digital age, many documents can be saved electronically, but for those that require printed copies – such as receipts or important documents – having an organisational system in place will significantly reduce clutter.

Personal space

It is important that each employee looks after their personal space, which means regularly wiping down surfaces and storing items in an organised manner. To assist with this, keep spray bottles of wood and glass cleaner in the office to wipe down dirty and smudge-covered desks and tables.

Spruce Up

Finally, keep the common areas tidy and presentable to impress clients and staff. Office clean plants are a great way of injecting a little life into the workplace, although they can have the opposite effect if they’re not looked after properly. Ensure you water them on a regular basis and clean up any dead leaves. An artificial plant is ideal for people who are looking for something that is maintenance free.